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The best way to store white tea What are the storage methods and conditions for white tea? , The best way to store Anji white tea

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Hello everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is about the best way to store white tea, so I compiled a related introduction to white tea The answer to the best way to store it, let's take a look. How to store white tea? How to store white tea? White tea is stored in a constant temperature, constant humidity, dry, ventilated, and odor-free environment, and the tea leaves are sealed and stored. The ancients said: "Tea is obscene and easy to be stained. No matter what is fishy or smelly, you should not get close to it, even if it is famous and fragrant, it should not be worn with you." It means that tea will absorb some peculiar smells in the air, and the storage environment should be clean. If there is a peculiar smell, it is best to store the tea in a separate place. The temperature should not be too high, preferably at room temperature of 20 to 25 degrees, and there is no need to store it in the refrigerator. There are too many smelly things in the refrigerator, and it is clear to everyone if you think about it, unless it is some vacuum-packed food. Humidity should not be too high, especially during the rainy season in the south, when the ground and walls are covered with water droplets, it is recommended to get a small dehumidifier, which will automatically dehumidify when the monitored humidity is greater than 75%. Ventilation refers to the circulation of ambient air, not a completely enclosed space, and does not mean that the tea leaves are exposed to the air. Don't get it wrong. Sealing was originally the first step, but it was put at the end because this content is the most important, and it is the finale. According to my personal experience and practical experience in tea making and storage, how to seal the white tea well. Three-piece set of sealing tools: food-grade transparent plastic bag, food-grade aluminum bag, five-layer corrugated kraft carton + tape. The specific operation method is that when the tea cake is stored, the transparent bag can be on the innermost layer or the second layer, the second layer is an aluminum bag or a transparent bag, the two are interchangeable, the outermost layer is a kraft carton, and the surrounding is sealed with tape. This is considering not drinking it in the short term and storing it for a long time, otherwise the step of sealing the box with tape can be omitted. When storing loose tea, the aluminum bag is in the innermost layer, the transparent bag is in the middle layer, and the outer layer is also a kraft carton. Because the white tea loose tea needle point or tea stem part will pierce the transparent bag, while the aluminum bag is thicker and not easy to pierce. This is a big difference between cake tea and loose tea packaging. The mouth of the two-layer bag is tied with a thin rope to avoid odors. Consider long-term storage, and if you don’t drink it in the short term, use tape to seal the four sides of the carton to prevent air-permeable odors. The carton is preferably 30-50 cm above the ground, 10-20 cm above the wall, and the bottom is padded with a moisture-proof pad. Do not put it by the window, it is easy to be affected by sunlight or rain and fog. Many factories or tea collectors here in Fuding build a room with fir boards around the floor, install automatic dehumidifiers, temperature detectors and other electrical equipment Save white tea. In fact, white tea is not difficult to preserve, but you must pay attention to the method. These methods are suitable for long-term storage tea lovers. For short-term 10 days and a half months, you can directly take tea cake bags and self-sealing aluminum bags, which is not so cumbersome, but it is only suitable for about one or two weeks. Long-term storage is still the above-mentioned three-piece set. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's question about the best method of white tea storage. I hope that the 1-point answer about the best method of white tea storage will be useful to everyone.

The best way to store white tea What are the storage methods and conditions for white tea? , The best way to store Anji white tea


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