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What is a Baicha girl? What kind of girl is Baicha? , White Tea Girl

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about what a White Tea Girl is, so the editor compiled a related answer to introduce what a White Tea Girl is, so that Let's see it together. What kind of girl is Baicha? What kind of girl is Baicha? Everyone can understand the goddess of white tea as the meaning of white lotus, which is to describe a very light and elegant girl. The case of the Goddess of White Tea: There is a beautiful woman who is clear and tactful. Encounter, meet my wish. Just because of a quick glance on the street, it is doomed to be entangled and deeply trapped in this life. In order to get acquainted with her, he followed her. For three days in a row, I waited hard for the place where he passed by, just to seek the opportunity to get acquainted with him. Finally one day, he plucked up the courage to confess. Maybe it's because of his sincerity, Nuo. The man was overjoyed, so he tidied up his clothes and looked forward to the day of the date. It happened to be the Shangsi Festival on the third day of March, and it was raining continuously, but even so, the man's joy was beyond words. He arrived at the meeting place early, perhaps too early, before the girl arrived. Tired, so he lay down on the lawn with weeds in his mouth, killing the waiting time. When the rain came, everyone said that spring rain was as expensive as oil, but the rain that day didn't seem to stop. Helpless, he hid under the pier. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and it was getting denser and thicker. Maybe even the waiting time was good for this man, and the water didn't go away. The next day, his body was found, and he didn't get the girl he wanted in the end. Although the man is dead, his body is not corrupt, and his complexion is ruddy. The world is surprised to see it. There was a lot of discussion, some people said that this man had fairy grass in his mouth, could it be to keep his body from rotting. It is also said that this grass grows in Yiyang County and is planted by immortals, and it is extremely rare in other places. Perhaps God felt his sincerity, so he bestowed the fairy grass on him. What's more, on the rainy night, he vaguely saw a fairy descending to the earth, thinking of his pity, and gave him a perfect gift. Perhaps this man feels that his time is approaching, so he wants to leave the best posture to the one he loves the most, so as to comfort his heart. The body of this herb is whitish, its taste is sweet, similar to tea, and because it was bestowed by immortals, the immortal who bestowed it is called the Goddess of White Tea. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor to the question of what a white tea girl is. I hope that the one-point answer about what a white tea girl is will be useful to everyone.

What is a Baicha girl? What kind of girl is Baicha? , White Tea Girl


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