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Bouncing Hall 2 Auxiliary ➻ Bombing Hall Auxiliary Blue Bar

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of Bombing Hall 2 Auxiliary, which will also explain the blue bar of Bouncing Boom Hall, if it happens to solve the problem you are facing now Don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! List of catalogs in this article: 1. How to change weapons in the auxiliary bar of Bombing Hall 2. Detailed explanation and learning level of wave skills in Bombing Hall 2 Hello Hall 2 assistant~ If you say that the assistant in Bomb Hall 2 is that you are playing an individual or a dungeon, you cannot change it; if you are in the lobby, click on the backpack and put the weapon you want to change Just go to the existing weapons. Add the additional properties of synthetic stones to weapons. Low-level synthetic stones cannot replace the additional attributes of high-level synthetic stones. If a higher-level synthetic stone is used, the additional attributes of the original low-level synthetic stone of the same type will be replaced. The chance of successful synthesis varies according to the gem. Combination failures do not affect items. Hitting boxes during battles has a small chance of getting a super weapon. 2 to buy in the auction house. 3 Use 340 medals to change in the mall. 4 After the battle is over, there is a certain chance to turn over the extreme weapon when the card is turned over. 5. Complete the task of guild contribution reaching 20,000 (the first few contribution tasks must be completed first). Dear player, hello, the weapon is gone, you can go to the mall to buy weapons, and there are also weapons in the mission, I hope you enjoy the game. Basic operation The basic operation of the game is realized through the keyboard direction keys "up, down, left, right" and "space". The basic operation diagram of "Dandongtang" "left and right": control the character to move left to right on the map. "Up, Down": Control the angle at which the character fires shells. There is a scale at the lower left corner showing the angle at which shells are fired. Bogu Small Shield Lv2 Bogu Small Shield Lv2 Throwing any form of shells supported by Bogoo 2 in this round (including angel gift and teleportation, etc.) will increase the armor value of the teammates hit 300 Points Bouncing Hall 2 Support, lasts for 2 rounds. When Bogu reaches level 43, he can learn Cheers for All Humanity 2 support. Please experience more. Dear player: Hello, DDT 2 Assistant! The customer service of the brother play web game platform is very happy to explain to you 4399 Bouncing Points 1. The following is the method: Step 1: Log in to the recharge page of Bombing 2 in the game. 2. You must use a 100 yuan recharge card to recharge to the official test server 56 server, and enter the user name into the official account sx01045. 3. Fill in the account name of the game area of your own account. Note that the card number filled here is the card number and password you just swiped , the card number has just been flushed with GM155ddt, so recharging our account can double the points. Click to pay, the system will prompt that the recharge is successful. 4. First enter the card number and password of the recharge card you equipped, and enter the user name into the official account administrator55, (do not enter your own account, otherwise the recharge will be the original amount) This account is the official auction house account, and the number of coupons in it Keep it at 1000000, no less. 5. Go to the recharge page first, and click on the method you want to recharge, a few yuan card is fine. There is a system number in the 34th area, click recharge and enter the account number of Tantantang 2 to assist him: 96333155. Click on that character, the fragrance of the snowy sea~, and then the district must choose the 15th district, just that one propagandist. If you complete the recharge again, it will be a success. This is the end of the introduction to the support of the Tangdangtang 2. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about the blue bar of the Tangdangtang support and the support of the Tangdangtang 2, don’t forget to search on this site.

Bouncing Hall 2 Auxiliary ➻ Bombing Hall Auxiliary Blue Bar


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