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Naruto, the division of Naruto episodes? ,Naruto

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about Naruto, so the editor has compiled 2 related answers to introduce Naruto, let us take a look together Bar. Naruto episode division? Naruto mobile game beginners how to play zero krypton? Naruto episode division? The main episodes of the Naruto anime are as follows: 1. Episode 1-25, Naruto's debut to the first Chunin exam. 2. From episode 27 to episode 51, the second Chunin test begins until Xiao Li loses to Gaara. 3. From episodes 53 to 58, Jiraiya also appeared. 4. From episodes 60 to 96, Naruto's fierce battle with white eyes to the Sannin battle. 5. From episodes 98 to 100, Tsunade inherits the will of fire. 6. From episodes 107 to 165, Naruto Sasuke clashes until Sasuke leaves and Naruto Shikamaru pursues him. 7. From episodes 221 to 276, Shippuden begins. 8. From episodes 292 to 309, Akatsuki attacked Asma and died in battle. 9. From episodes 333 to 363, Jiraiya sneaked into Akatsuki's base to Sasuke and captured the eight tails. I highly recommend Jiraiya and Payne. 10. From episodes 372 to 389, Payne captures Naruto and attacks the village. 11. From episodes 392 to 395, Payne was born and Naruto became a hero. 12. From episodes 417 to 442, the Five Shadows will talk about the beginning of the Fourth Ninja World War. 13. From episodes 463 to 476, Naruto's nine-tailed trial begins. 14. From episode 481 to episode 490, the war officially begins. 15. From episodes 492 to 498, 7 ghost swordsmen appeared. 16. From episodes 502 to 503, Hokage Raikage intercepts Naruto on the battlefield. 17. From episodes 516 to 522, Naruto officially joins the war against Mizukage. 18. From episodes 541 to 546, it is strongly recommended that Domineering Madara appear. 19. From episodes 548 to 566, the two Uchiha brothers fight against the Snake Immortal. 20. Episodes 582-595, the past of Hashirama and Madara to the seventh class assembly. 21. Episode 598-608, Ten Tails Jinchuriki. 22. Episode 611-613, Uchiha Madarakai and Uchiha Obito. 23. From episodes 634 to 635, Naruto Sasuke is on the verge of death. 24. From episodes 637 to 641, the blue beast opens eight doors and violently beats Liu Daoban. 25, 671 episodes, unlimited monthly reading. 26. From episodes 679 to 694, Kaguya Otsuki appeared on stage until Kaguya Otsuki was sealed. 27. Episode 695 - Episode 699, the end of the Valley of the End. Naruto mobile game beginners how to play zero krypton? Steps/Methods Monthly card (lucky bag + big lucky bag): 1. Like many games on the market today, the Naruto mobile game also has a monthly card mechanism, but it is called a lucky bag. As long as you recharge 50RMB every month, you can automatically get a monthly card. 2. The reward for the monthly card is to get 160 gold coins and 150 stamina every day, and 2 random ninja fragments. If you are lucky, you can also get S ninja fragments, so the first choice for ordinary players to recharge is definitely the monthly card. [Total gold coins = 160*30 = 4800 gold coins per day]. Step/Method 2 Duel Arena: 1. The Duel Arena can be said to be the main source of gold coin income for civilian players. It should not be difficult for everyone to win two games a day. You can get gold coins and exercise your skills by the way. Good news for players. 2. In addition, Duel Arena also has a tier match method. When you reach a certain tier every month, you can get a number of advanced recruitment coupons, and the rewards are still very generous. 3. However, this reward depends on your skill level and game time. However, it is recommended that you try to play Anbu as much as possible. [Total gold coins = weekly task 600*4 + daily task 30*30 + vindictive chest 300=3600 gold coins]. Step/Method 3 Weekly (monthly) sign-in: There are weekly sign-in and monthly sign-in rewards in the game, and you are guaranteed to log in at least once a day, and you can get good gold coins over time. [Total gold coins=720+50=780 gold coins]. Steps/Methods 4 Heaven and Earth Battlefield: Heaven and Earth Battlefield is one of the organization's gameplays. The difficulty of the activity is average, and you can get resources such as titles and gold coins, provided you join an active organization. [Total gold coins = 50*4 personal rewards + 150*4 for third runner-up = 800 gold coins]. Step/Method 5 Active tasks and daily sharing: Active tasks are also daily tasks, which include many basic tasks, and you can get good resource rewards by completing all tasks. In addition, there is a sharing task every day, and you can get 10 gold coins , a month is 300 gold coins. [Total gold coins = active task 60*30+300=2100 gold coins]. Step/Method 6 Fort Battle: Fort Battle is also one of the organizational methods. Similarly, finding an organization with high activity and good strength, and earning 200 gold coins per week is not a problem. [Gold coins total 200*4=800 gold coins]. Step/Method 7 Free Recruitment: You can perform advanced recruitment for free every two days in the recruitment game, which is equivalent to a disguised method of obtaining gold coins. After all, advanced recruitment also costs money. Therefore, the gold coins that the civilian monthly card party can get in a month = 4800+3600+780+800+2100+800=12880. This data is only an approximate estimate. Many players may not be able to get that much, but it should not be much different. Moreover, the game often launches some welfare activities and recharge rewards, so everyone can do what they can. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about Naruto. I hope that the 2-point answers about Naruto will be useful to everyone.

Naruto, the division of Naruto episodes? ,Naruto


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