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Dream Running Time➻Dream Running Timetable

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This article will tell you about Dream Running Time and the knowledge points corresponding to Dream Running Timetable. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark This site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. What does it mean to run a merchant in Fantasy Westward Journey 2. How does a merchant in Fantasy Westward Journey run at level 30? Route? , Running a business is to help the gang to make money, from which you can get experience, a small amount of money and extra rewards from the gang. There are two types of running a business. One is running for others, making more money but making less contribution to the gang. This is good for making money. One is to earn gang contributions and experience, which can be used to learn life skills. 2. Running a business is for gangs. For individuals, running a business can earn money, experience, and tribute. If you run too much, the gang will be rewarded, and you can get extra items that other players encourage to run the business. Tribute is a prerequisite for learning auxiliary skills and improving cultivation in the gang, so it is still very important. 3. Running a business is a business task in the online game "Fantasy Westward Journey". How does Fantasy Westward Journey level 30 merchant run? Route? How does Qinglong medicine get and time? Level route: DF-CA, DF-AL, CA-CS (going overseas) The first two routes are the same as above, and CA-CS is currently the only one The route that can be run smoothly is that it takes a long time. The 30-level ticket is not necessarily better than the 40-level ticket. Sometimes no one will take the trumpet when practicing, so I will run this route. ② Jifu-Beiju: This line is more crowded, also known as the "golden line". People who run this line must be fast enough, otherwise the goods will be snapped up by others before you buy them. The time required from DF-BJ is about 4 minutes to 4 minutes and 20 seconds. When running, two adjacent places do not make money. The regular route is CA-CS or DF-BJ running back and forth. See if there are not many merchants in your area. There are too many merchants in our area, and the supply of goods is tight. My route is usually CA or DF-BJ-AL-CS-AL-CS-CA. This way the supply of goods is diverse, which saves the time of waiting for the price. Changan runs the business line. First of all, we get the task from the gang, go to Chang'an merchants, and if the price of goods purchased in Chang'an is lower than that shown in the picture above, we will buy weapons first, then paper fans, followed by Buddhist beads and cotton cloth. Then go to Changshou to sell, the route: Aolai - Huaguoshan - Beiju - Suburbs - Changshou Village. There are two merchants in Beiju, 1 longevity merchant (141, 49), and 2 longevity merchants (87, 21). It is better to find the first merchant to check the price first, and sell the product to the high-priced merchant. How to run a business in Fantasy Westward Journey Preconditions for running a business: join a gang first, and ask the gang leader or elders to appoint you as a merchant. If you are the gang leader yourself, you can also take the task of a merchant. Location to receive the merchant task: find the head of Baihutang in the gang treasury. Route: Changshou - Changshou Suburbs - Beiju - Chang'an. 1 So far, all the scenes involved in running a business have been introduced. In this order, repeat the cycle several times until you earn enough money to pay the ticket. 1. The amount of money needed to complete merchant tasks at different levels (that is, the amount of money shown on the bank note). Jifu buys Beiju sells Aolaiguo buys Changshou sells Beiju buys Jifu. Fantasy Westward Journey recommends the following 6 business routes: starting from Chang'an, passing through Jifu, Jiangnan Field, Jianye, Donghai Bay, Aolai, Huaguoshan, and finally to Beiju Luzhou. Task nature: business type, by completing tasks to accumulate funds for the gang and increase the prosperity of the gang. How to get it: Get it from the manager of Baihutang. The required position is a gang merchant or gang leader. This is the fastest route, avoid the peak period, because this is the time when there are the most people running, and sometimes it is a bit dangerous to run a business for 30J for hard-to-get goods, because Sheyaoxiang can't deter monsters in some scenes. That’s all for the introduction of Dream Running Time. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about Dream Running Timetable and Dream Running Time, don’t forget to search on this site.

Dream Running Time➻Dream Running Timetable


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